Winter waits at the window
my longing knows not a name
for the Kingdom of Love
is not bolted nor shut,
it is gone, gone with the Greats.

Holy and half-way angelic.
With swagger we stagger and swoon
in the portraits of pain
we have sculpted and stained
we were damned and damn near the truth.

And this is for love
and this is for hate
and this is for God
growing old with the State.
This is the name I was given to make
we are lost, we are lost at the gates
and in honor, we call and await.

Boldly and barely eternal,
Our hears are hardly alive.
For our towers of Hope
both, have shifted and sloped
we were had, we were robbed, we were tried.

Sacred with naked wonder.
Nothing's real like skin on skin.
In the crosshairs of Time
we are deaf, dumb and blind.
We were beast--brutal and brave.
We are tired and tempted and tame.

And this is for love
and this is for hate
this is for dawn
glowing gold with the day.
This is the road we have chosen to take
and this is the soul I can not betray.
With my head in the air
and my back to the wall
ear to the ground
and my eye on the ball,
this is the name I was given to make
We are lost, we are lost at the gates.
We've been damaged in so many ways,
but a good boy never complains


from The Magic of True Love, track released April 29, 2014
From the album, "The Magic of True Love", by Teenager.
Recorded & mixed by Peter Labberton & Bevan Herbekian at Essex.
Mastered by Cian Riordan.

Bevan Herbekian--Vox, Percussion
Inés Beltranena--Piano
Tristan Arnold--Bass
Matthew Szemela--Violin
Peter Labberton--Drums



all rights reserved


Teenager San Francisco, California

Teenager is the moniker of the sweetly defiant Bay Area songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bevan Herbekian.

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