I guess we were poor then,
filled up on food stamps.
A sandwich of addicts and recovering.

I worked the night shift
and I kept you up late
making love until we disappeared.

We stood on rooftops
speaking like militants.
I fought my nightmares on hardwood floors.

When we'd go dancing
I'd shake like a seizure.
When the music would cut, we'd leave arm in arm.

Don't go, don't go, don't go for broke.
(don't go for broke)

I went to New York
in an old tradition,
but nothing was real like skin on skin.

O and my silence,
it ran cold-blooded.
This boy was cut down where all things meet.

Don't go, don't go, don't go for broke.
(don't go for broke)

If you go for broke then
you may get broken.
Once you go there, you can't return.


from The Magic of True Love, released April 29, 2015
Recorded & mixed by Peter Labberton & Bevan Herbekian at Essex.
Mastered by Cian Riordan.

Bevan Herbekian--Vox, Piano, Bass, Organ, Guitar, Percussion
Peter Labberton--Percussion
Martin Diller--Drums



all rights reserved


Teenager San Francisco, California

Teenager is the moniker of the sweetly defiant Bay Area songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bevan Herbekian.

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