Big Squeeze

from by Teenager



My eyes see stars like a tarot card--look & you'll believe.
Now I got no luck counting sheep.
"When I was young"--O I'm out of touch.
And I only sing in the Key of Please, please, please!

O how to put it lightly
I want to tell you twicely
O I want your big squeeze!

I light up like a hotline every time you ring
calling misread misery.
So what is love? But a ton of crush
And i want to heart you forever
'cause there ain't no woman like the one I see.

O but that's an old disaster
Here's to the morning after
O I want your big squeeze!

My heart is a muscle car revved and rumbling
crying backfires on me.
Ah here she comes, cat got your tongue.
O and I'm sweating bullets 'cause I'm staring down the barrel of a diamond ring.

O and I've been to high school
Fell for the lowest I.Q.'s
O I want your big squeeze!

Ma told me time will tell us, O what a relief
Ooh, I believe!
So quit your crying, get me back on my feet,
Ooh, I believe, o my God I believe!

I read my horoscope & it's meant to be eternally bittersweet.
Will I give up? I'm sad enough.

O how to put it lightly,
I want to tell you twicely
O I want your big squeeze
O what good is laughter
when you're just a lonely bastard?
O I want your big squeeze.

Never give up (my big squeeze!)...


from The Magic of True Love, track released March 26, 2014
Recorded and mixed by Peter Labberton and Bevan Herbekian at Essex.

Bevan Herbekian--Vox, piano, organ.
Peter Labberton--Drums, percussion.
Mary Kathryn de Mahy--Rhodes, back up vox.
M. Lockwood Porter--Electric Guitars, piano.
Matthew de la Concha--Bass
Henry Hales--Trumpet
Elizabeth de Mahy--Back up vox
Amelie de Mahy--Back up vox



all rights reserved


Teenager San Francisco, California

Teenager is the moniker of the sweetly defiant Bay Area songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bevan Herbekian.

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